No Monkey Business!

South Bank, London
The City – Photo taken from South Bank, London

From the early attempt to settle and to live in small communities, trade has been backbone for economic growth and societal development from bartering goods and services to modern day digital transactions we owe to trade and business endeavours our development, technology, interdependency, values, beliefs systems etc. Trade has taken with it most of our perception about life, religion, science, popular wisdom, philosophy, science etc…

This blog explore the aspects of governance leading to sustainable development. Applied ethics and leadership wisdom in order to maximise performance, encourage sustainable growth, promote transparency and ethics and good business practices. In my view it has to be based upon four fundamental premises: constant learning, adapting, empowering people grass-roots innovation.

It’s about investigating people, entrepreneurship activities, creativity and art for business in a ever changing world. Why should we be concerned about trading and doing good business while profiting, building better systems while nurturing true lasting relationships?  the answer is that we have not changed in our nature yet for many centuries business became impersonal, corporate structure almost as god-like power controlling all under their protectorate. In recent years with the birth of the internet and new disruptive technologies; we, the people have levelled up the ground, making our voices heard and business are learning to speak more and more with as humans. We are moving from transaction to engagement. We want to be enchanted not cold sold at, we want art and creativity not labels and patch work, we want truth not flaky promises. We want to speak and be heard, engage, and add value.

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