‘Developing Leaders’ by Major General Skeates

Major General Skeates
Major General Skeates

As part of our guest lecture series at the Centre for Governance, Leadership & Global Responsibility we were very delighted to be welcoming Sandhurst’s leadership and development training officer; Major General Stuart R Skeates CBE to Leeds Beckett to give a talk on ‘Developing Leaders in the British Army’ on Tuesday 3rd November 2015.

Click here to watch the lecture.

The night highlighted how Leadership cannot be taught but only learnt, which is a strong underling factor within the officer training corp. The Major General raised the argument that the theory of leadership is very simple, but the practicality of it is very difficult and takes years to execute efficiently.

Major General Skeates also spoke about the different levels in which he measures character and made it clear that by putting individuals out of their comfort zone and evaluating not whether they succeed or fail, but how they deal with the task and how they resolve it is imperative in deciding a good leader.

The Major General spoke about the framework in which a good leaders must adhere to which consist of: Courage – Discipline – respect – integrating – loyalty – selfless commitment and by following any of these blindly or to rigorously can result in the downfall of any leader.

Click here for further information on the Centre’s research and other forthcoming guest lectures.

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