‘Can Culture be Audited?’, by Nicola Rimmer

Can Culture be audited?
Nicola Rimmer

The Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility welcomed Nicola Rimmer on 10th November to share her vast experience on Internal Auditing as a part of our Guest Lecture Series.

The lecture firstly highlighted the purpose of internal auditing and the difficulties faced. Some of these difficulties included how an organisation can reserve independence when auditing and how there are no facts for auditing culture. Nicola also spoke about the Three Lines of Defence used for Internal Auditing which consist of Management, Compliance Departments and the Audit.

Nicola also discussed the current climate and constantly changing landscape and how this affects organisations. Due to more focus and scrutiny being placed on organisations due to social media, the Internal Audit has an increased importance.

Nicola then went on to explain what culture is and how an organisation can monitor culture, a key aspect for Internal Audit is that it needs values within an organisation to monitor against.

Nicola stated that current challenges for Internal Auditing are: The Impact of the Regulator and how a balance of power needs to be in place, how customers are treated through the process of Internal Auditing.

For further information on the Centre’s work and other guest lectures please visit www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/cglgr

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