Corruption: The Economic and Ethical Challenge, by Laurence Cockcroft

LC_PhotoWe welcomed Laurence Cockcroft to the Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility who joined us to talk about corruption and the economical and ethical challenges we face.

The third installment of the guest lecture series led by Laurence Cockcroft demonstrated not only how corruption is rife within the third world and developing countries, but also very much leading nations who are on the frontier of technology, finance and at the peak of their economy.

Laurence led the talk on ‘what is corruption?’ and the many forms of corruption within western and lesser developed economies. Laurence defined – corruption as the misuse of private power for private gain. Then went on to discuss the many implications of fraud, evasion, patronage, bribery and traditionally known corruption.

Being an intimate talk Laurence was able to discuss attractiveness of organisations adopting strategy to minimise the tax pay outs and the loop holes of setting up company’s in offshore accounts and the low tax rates. He also went on to discuss the many implications, and the ethical responsibility that governments have to go through to not be seduced by corruption.

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