Corporate Reputation, Crisis & Trust

Palace_of_WestminsterThe All-Party Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group panel meeting on ‘Corporate Reputation, Crisis and Trust’ was attended by Professor Martin Samy on 16th December 2015.

The Financial Reporting Council’s Sir Winfried Bischoff promotes the view that cultural change of organisations to develop a strong CG build on values and societal ethics and this lies on the shoulders of the Corporate Board, who has the stewardship role to stakeholders. The Financial Reporting Council will regulate and monitor the  UK Boards to ensure compliance, but he believes the cultural change in the organisations is far more important.

Kamal Ahmed elaborated that technology has evolved so fast that news (good or bad) is announced in real time, therefore corporations have to understand the ‘voices’ of the public and he believes that culture of organisations must change – it should be a top down approach.

Corporations tend to take customers for granted and simply ignore fundamental responsibilities for safety or moral standards for the bottom line.

Professor Martin Samy

Martin is a Professor in the School of Accounting, Finance And Economics at Leeds Business School. He also leads a research team on Integrated Reporting as part of the Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility (Leeds Beckett University). His research interests are Corporate social responsibility and financial performance research globally, where he has undertaken studies in Australia, UK, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

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