RAKE 2015 Research Projects – Anchor Institutions



The Institutional Anchoring of Devolution Deals: Implications for Small First and Local Economies 

Professor John Shutt & Ms Barbara Colledge, Leeds Beckett University, Ms Gill Bentley, University of Birmingham and Dr Lee Pugalis, Northumbria University  

Devolution Deals, such as City Deals and Growth Deals spearheaded by Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), have generated interest in England throughout the business and policy community, given they offer the scope to develop tailored enterprise programmes with enhanced flexibilities to address the needs of small firms specific to institutional environments. The principal aim of this 18 month research project is to examine the institutional anchoring of Devolution Deals and analyse the roles performed by small firms to help realise greater entrepreneurial synergies in places. The objectives are:

1. To conceptualise Devolution Deals and highlight their distinctive potentialities.

2. To examine the role of LEPs as a primary institutional anchoring device in deal-making.

3. To analyse the precise roles performed by entrepreneurs and small firms and assess the influence which they exert in crafting deals.

4. To evaluate the effectiveness of Devolution Deals in terms of the extent to they enable small firms a greater role in the determination of policy and programmes that meet entrepreneurship aspirations.

5. To identify innovative practice, devise some practical policy propositions and exchange knowledge.

The research passes through 5 stages, including a call for evidence and desk-based work to examine the notion of Devolution Deals in fostering entrepreneurial activity; development of an analytical framework; case study analysis (involving interviews and focus groups); assessment of deals; and disseminating key findings (involving a conference and presentations). These form the basis for input to policy, future research, and knowledge exchange.

ISBE Research and Knowledge Exchange (RAKE) Fund 2015 Awards
RAKE awards for 2015 is sponsored by Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Lloyds Banking Group, the Federation of Small Business (FSB) and the British Academy of Management (BAM). This year the fund received an unprecendented amount of applications making the review process very difficult and we would like to thank all who contributed to the review process. This year we have been able to make three awards. Click title of project to view synopsis:


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