Integrated Thinking in Leadership and Governance

The need for an Integrated Thinking in Leadership and Corporate Governance

In this first video interview for our Leading 360 series on leadership and Governance, Professor Simon Robinson, explains the vision and mission behind the Centre including its main ethos, which is all about joined up thinking and integrated thinking in Leadership and Corporate Governance by bringing together Academics, practitioners and Leaders across the board nationally and internationally.

However, what does it mean in practical terms? How vital is the whole dialogue for both higher Education institutions and other Organisations in various sectors? How do we join our thinking? He points out that one of the reasons for the current leadership crisis is fragmentation, when we become blinded to what we are doing and why we are doing things within our management structures and how it all connects and affects the real word around us.

“Academics are increasingly trying to find areas where they can make a real difference in the world we live in”, said Simon. He went on to add that “Governance and Leadership are key areas, if we do not get them right, everything else starts to collapse”.

Click on the video above to watch the whole interview. We would love to hear your comments to and have you joining the dialogue.

Please email us direct for more information regarding how we can work together.

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